Becoming a post-growth planner #8: Vincent Liegey

Being a post-growth planner
Being a post-growth planner
Becoming a post-growth planner #8: Vincent Liegey

Episode #8 of “Becoming a post-growth planner: obstacles and challenges to changing roles and practices” with Vincent Liegey (Budapest, Hungary). In conversation with Dr Christian Lamker (University of Groningen, the Netherlands).

You may like to review the following works that are also mentioned within this episode:

* Liegey, V., & Nelson, A. (2020). Exploring degrowth: A critical guide. FireWorks. Pluto Press.
* Veillot, A., Ondet, C., Madelaine, S., & Liegey, V. (2015). Neither protectionism nor neoliberalism but “open relocalization”, the basis for a new international [Economy].
* Cargonomia (Budapest):
* Projet Décroissance (France): (in French)

This episode is also available as a video recording on YouTube (channel: postgrowthplanning).

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