Becoming a post-growth planner #5: Tine Köhler

Post-Growth Planning
Becoming a post-growth planner #5: Tine Köhler

Episode #5 of “Becoming a post-growth planner: obstacles and challenges to changing roles and practices” with Prof. Dr. Tine Köhler (Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, Germany). In conversation with Dr Christian Lamker (University of Groningen, the Netherlands) and Viola Schulze Dieckhoff (TU Dortmund University, Germany).

You may like to view recent works of Tine Köhler:

  • Berndgen-Kaiser, A., Köhler, T., Lorbek, M., & Wiechert, M. (2019). Land-management strategies and the detached housing stock in shrinking municipalities – evidence from Germany. Raumforschung Und Raumordnung Spatial Research and Planning, 0(0).

This episode is also available as a video recording on YouTube (channel: postgrowthplanning).

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