Becoming a post-growth planner #2: Benjamin Davy

Being a post-growth planner
Being a post-growth planner
Becoming a post-growth planner #2: Benjamin Davy

Episode #2 of “Becoming a post-growth planner: obstacles and challenges to changing roles and practices” with Prof Dr Benjamin Davy, former Professor of Land Policy, Land Management, Municipal Geoinformation at TU Dortmund University, Germany, and currently visiting professor at the University of Johannesburg, South Africa. In conversation with Dr Christian Lamker (University of Groningen) and Viola Schulze Dieckhoff (TU Dortmund University).

Read and watch also into these:

  • Davy, B., & Lamker, C. W. (2020, March 24). Spatial planning and human dignity (in times of Corona): Online guest lecture in City Matters. Interview. University of Groningen. Master Socio-Spatial Planning.
  • Davy, B., & Schulze Dieckhoff, V. (2020, June 17). Eigentumsrechte der Natur: Postwachstumsplanung durch Anerkennung von Tierrechten oder Baumrechten. TU Dortmund. Schulze Dieckhoff, V. Master Spatial Planning, Dortmund, Bielefeld.
  • Davy, B., & Lamker, C. W. (2019). Menschenwürde und die vielen Rationalitäten des Seins: Ein Gespräch mit Benjamin Davy über Menschenwürde, Eigentum und die planerische Gestaltung der Raumgebundenheit menschlicher Existenz. In J. Haltaufderheide, I. Otte, & P. Weber (Eds.), Edition Kulturwissenschaft: Vol. 199. Raum und Würde: Interdisziplinäre Beiträge zum Verhältnis von Normativität und räumlicher Wirklichkeit. Städtebau – Transitorte – Hospize. (pp. 65–78). Transcript.

This episode is also available as a video recording:

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  1. I really enjoyed listening to Ben Davy’s ideas on urban planning, philosophy and post-growth, e.g. the fetish of growth! Thanks for putting this online. Warm regards, Felicitas

    1. Thanks for your feedback! It is a good distinction to separate the fetish of growth from the occurrence of growth in general. And getting rid of a fetish is also a good starting point for change. Let’s stay in touch. Best regards

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